Aleishia + Christopher



The moment has passed and the memory made. However, these photos allow me to time travel. They are so raw, and the timing is perfect. For brief moments, I can go back and hold my mothers hands, and kissing my new husband for the first time. I never imagined an image could take my breath away or make my heart skip a beat. With ever click, I’m flooded with joy and gladness. 

We met you two years ago, just because you happened to need models to get your business going. We went hoping for some cute photos of us that weren’t selfies, or an unfortunate candid at someone birthday party. Never did I think that was the day I’d meet my engagement photographer, wedding photographer, and wonderful friend. I absolutely adore you and Trevor both! I am so excited you have someone so amazing in your life! We owe him so much for all the behind the scenes work he did at our wedding. 

Bottom line, I cannot thank you enough for your talent, friendship, and the time machine. You’re an incredible woman, and I’m forever blessed by your presence in my life. 

Darby + Ryan


“I loved the work Rebekah did. My husband and I hate getting photos taken of us but she made it so easy! Rather than it being so awkward and long, the session went by so fast because she made it fun. Half of our photos are us laughing because of a joke she told and we have natural smiles in the pictures. The photos look so natural and beautiful. I’m so grateful Rebekah flew down for the wedding. Our photos are complimented all the time and it’s because Rebekah is creative and does such a wonderful job.”



Mariah + Darian

couples session

“Being a photographer myself, I feel I am sadly often overly critical of other photographers, because I have my own habits and tastes. That being said, working with Rebekah was an absolute dream! She made us completely comfortable in front of the camera, and made the shoot feel more like an intimate cuddle session than a series of poses. We adored working with her, and the images OMG! I am obsessed with the little details she captured, like me standing on my tip toes to reach my fiancé, or our hands dancing together. I could not more highly recommend someone, as a photographer, and as a human. Book her!

Alex + Christian


“I really had an amazing experience with Rebekah! She really put the personal touch on the whole ordeal. She shot photos for our wedding and boy was I pleased. I'm a larger girl with self confidence issues I'm also not a fan of being the center of attention. So naturally, I was nervous.

She's amazing at helping you relax, feel like a star, and taking the photo worry out of your big day.

I know one of my biggest challenges of planning the wedding was, well, planning it! I've literally never done anything like this and it made me truly feel overwhelmed. That changed with Rebekah. When we hired her she was open to help out wherever she could. Suggestions, tips, you name it. She truly is a ray of sunshine.

The wedding photos and engagement photos really made me feel beautiful. I've never had such a smooth experience. They truly came out beautiful.

To anyone on the fence, do it. She has changed to smaller more intimate weddings and elopments, but she really has a kind heart, dedication, a great eye, and helps the day feel magical.”

Krista + Ben

Engagement session

“Rebekah was absolutely amazing! She shot our engagement photos and I love every single one of them. She was a blast to work with, it felt like hanging out with a old friend, which was awesome because we had just met her and her fiancé that day. She made us feel super comfortable and posed us since we had no idea what we were doing. It was such a fun little adventure! If you’re looking for a photographer who’s fun, easy to work with and will get absolutely gorgeous photos, this is the place for you!”

Kelli + Jasher


“Rebekah has been one of the greatest and most professional people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She has an incredible eye for detail and has taken some beautiful shots. She is great with helping you feel comfortable and natural for perfect photos. I would recommend her to anyone.”