Arizona Sunset Bridal Shoot | Talyn and Kenny

Our bridal shoot with Talyn and Kenny was nothing short of magic. Not only are they hilarious and absolutely adorable together, we had one heck of an evening! 

From meeting a cow to being gifted a Bible from a drunken stranger, this Arizona sunset bridal shoot was one to remember! 

My hubby Trevor came along with me for the shoot, and we met Talyn and Kenny close to sunset. They looked amazing in their suit and wedding dress, and Kenny was killing it with his GQ-style poses. There were a ton of bugs (I would say there were killing it too), but we had a blast anyway! 

I love hunting for amazing locations for my couples, and I love shooting in state parks. For Talyn and Kenny’s bridal shoot, we went to a gorgeous creek. There was a lush, perfect grassy bank along a babbling brook, and the light was amazing. We were the only ones there (or so we thought!). It was so calm and serene. We then stumbled upon Milky the cow, who we later realized is a boy…(can you guess how we figured that out?!). We found his name hilarious, because he obviously doesn’t produce milk…so I said he’s more “Milk-ish”. LOL

Talyn and Kenny were loving their time together and took every opportunity to snuggle, kiss, and twirl. They were also happy to flip each other off with their ring fingers (which had us all laughing our asses off). They were pure magic together, and it was so awesome to be able to spend time with them.

That’s why I love bridal shoots and always recommend them, especially if you have a hectic timeline on your wedding day. It gives you a chance to spend some quality time together and get amazing, fun photos. 

Not sure what a bridal session is? Or are you hoping to include one in your wedding package, but not sure if it’s worth it? This is why a sunset bridal shoot is a must - and why you deserve it. 

We finished the shoot as the sun went down. As we were getting ready to leave, a car full of strangers pulled up to us. One guy started talking to us and it was immediately obvious that he was drunk. He was rambling and kind of freaked us out a bit, and then said to one of the other guys in the car, “yo yo yo, give me my bible!” Naturally we freaked out a little bit more!

Talyn and Kenny, still in their wedding outfits, watched with us as one of his buddies opened the trunk of the car and pulled out an ornate wooden box. Drunk Guy #1 opened the lid of the box to reveal a beautiful, white leather, gold embossed bible. 

He handed it to Talyn and Kenny and said, “this is your wedding gift!” He told the four of us (as we stood there dumbfounded) about his 4 marriages, and left us with very sage (albeit very drunk) relationship advice. With that, he left with his buddies, we breathed a sigh of relief, and then we proceeded to laugh hysterically at the randomness of it all. 

The setting sun was shining on the bible box, so I got one last shot of Talyn and Kenny holding their new wedding gift. We headed home, a night of randomness and hilarity coming full circle. I seriously could not have asked for a better evening, and I’m so glad that Trevor and I got to spend time with Talyn and Kenny to make (and experience) some magic. 

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