What Is a Bridal Session/Day After Session? And Why You Deserve One!

You may have heard the term “bridal session/day after session” float around.

What is it and why does my photographer recommend one? Because you DESERVE one!

Seriously, I believe that every couple deserves a bridal session and here’s why.


What is it?

A bridal session is a session scheduled separate from your wedding day where you get pictures taken of you and your future spouse.


Won’t I get pictures of me and my husband/wife on our wedding day?

Of course! And even when my couples schedule Bridal Sessions I always take a few photos of just the two of them sometime on the wedding day, too. The thing that my couples love about doing their bridal photos on a different day is that it takes the stress off of spending forty-five minutes to an hour taking those photos on your wedding day.

bridal session

Okay, Well i can carve out an hour for pictures, right?

Picture it! You two just finished your ceremony, you’re married! You want to go party and celebrate!

Well, not yet! Now we have to squeeze in family photos and a 45 minute bridal session after you get married! That means you may have to skip your cocktail hour altogether. And I don’t know about you, but a margarita sounds really good right about now!

Instead of missing your cocktail hour and missing greeting your guests you can schedule a bridal session. (Insert twinkling stars)

That means that instead of spending an hour taking photos after you get married, now you only need to spend 10-20! 10 minutes of family photos + 10 minutes of taking cute photos of the two of you at your venue.

Now you can go grab that margarita!


That does sound really nice!

Doesn’t it? Now picture your bridal session!

You have 1+ hours to leisurely have your photos taken at some place EPIC. Think Horseshoe Bend, Zion National Park, ICELAND! You can literally have your bridal photos taken anywhere!

Which is a great option for the couple who wants a wedding surrounded by friends and loved ones at a venue in your hometown, but craves those jaw-dropping photos in the scenic mountain range of Ireland.

You get the best of both worlds!


Okay, I’m SOLD! When should I schedule one?

Most of my couples choose to do their bridal session after their wedding, but it’s all a matter of choice when it comes to when you schedule your bridal session.

I recommend doing your bridal session after your wedding date if you

  1. Don’t plan on going on your honeymoon for a few days or more after your wedding day

  2. You want to go somewhere adventurous that may get your dress dirty, but you want to have your dress clean for the wedding day.

  3. You have WAYYY too much to do before your wedding day and the sound of taking pictures the week before your wedding is giving you a headache.

    Then, I recommend you do your bridal session after your wedding date! It will be totally relaxing because guess what? You’re already married and don’t have to think of it as crossing something off on your Wedding To Do List!

    We will go somewhere epic and take stunning photos of the two of you and then go grab tacos and margaritas afterwards!

    Now, I recommend you schedule your session before hand mainly if you plan on doing a First Look anyway!

    If you planned on having a First Look before your ceremony on your wedding day, why not schedule a Bridal Session sometime the week before your wedding and do the First Look then? That get’s all of those photos done beforehand and now you get to chill!


I already got married, but a bridal session sounds so nice!

Do yourself a favor and schedule a bridal session! Even if you got married 5, 10, 50 years ago you can still have a bridal session!

I think it’s actually an awesome idea to do an Anniversary/Bridal Session where you two are back in your wedding clothes and taking more photos of the two of you. Because why not?

When couples do this, sometimes they’ll write new vows to share with each other or dig out their old vows. And sometimes couples will choose to do a bridal session years after they got married because their wedding photos didn’t turn out.

Whatever the reason, hop back in those wedding clothes, go somewhere epic, and do the thing!