get to know me


Some fun facts about me!

  1. I will rap the entirety of Hamilton with or without you asking.

  2. My favorite drink is a mojito.

  3. I used to work as a background actress and Clint Eastwood once came up to me on set and told me that I was awesome.

  4. I did Polynesian dancing when I was a younger.

  5. I met my husband indirectly through Neopets.



Heyy! Je m'appelle Rebekah. (That is the extent of my French!)

I’m an intimate wedding and elopement photographer in Phoenix, Arizona with a passport in hand and ready to tell your love story wherever you make it.

I am a total California girl who says "like" a little too much, loves adventure, craves In-N-Out and Chipotle 24/7, cares deeply about people and nature, dances and sings loudly to Hamilton, and is a sucker for Super Smash Bros.  

If you like literally any one of the things mentioned above we are going to be best friends.

After getting married and choosing to elope I learned how amazing it feels. I photographed elopements before, but it never really clicked until after I got married. This may sound a bit strange, but I wish I got to photograph my own wedding! (Though my photographer did a KICK ASS job!)

I loved how simple the whole day was, but how EPIC it was.

Simple, yet epic. It’s my new motto.

After that day I knew I wanted to photograph elopements and intimate weddings. It became my passion to be able to help couples feel the way I felt when I got married. No stress—just love.

I’m passionate about my couples and I give them my all! Every single engagement session, every single elopement, I strive to make sure my couples are over the moon with not only my images, but with the experience of being photographed. I want you to leave the shoot not wanting it to end, with your belly hurting from laughing so much, and like you just got done visiting one of your best friends.